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Redecorating the Kitchen by Improving the Backsplash

Beautifying the backsplash improves the over-all look of the kitchen. Redecorating the kitchen is a challenge since its function cannot be sacrificed. It is ideal to invest on the backsplash because its minor function will not alter the purpose of the entire kitchen and its eye-level position catches attention.

First, the backsplash is the safest element to modify. A typical kitchen is composed of cabinets, countertop, and backsplash. Among these components, the backsplash has the simplest function. It is basically easy-to-maintain tiles that cover the kitchen wall. It is a wall protection against possible stains that can be caused by water, food sauce, and smoke. Changing this does not directly affect the functionality of the kitchen.

Next, the backsplash is at a very strategic position in the kitchen. It is located in between the countertop and the overhead cabinets. It is vertically placed at eye-level. Therefore, it serves as the point of focus in the kitchen. Decorating this area gives impact in terms of visual appeal.

Using Decorative Tiles as Backsplash

Among several materials that can be used in the backsplash, decorative tiles are more creative. It creates variations in pattern, color, print, and texture. The choice of tile defines and enhances the theme of the kitchen design. A decorative tile backsplash – a great investment – adds value to the kitchen. It beautifies the area whether it is in glass tiles, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, or subway tiles.

Decorative Tile Options:

  1. A glass tile is one option among decorative tiles; it glams up the design of a kitchen. Glass tiles are usually small pieces of tiles that come in different colors and degrees of opacity. It has the property to reflect light thus it generates a sparkling and shiny surface. It often has a smooth texture that advances its sheen and translucency. These characteristics of glass tiles make glamorous and elegant kitchens. It gives a cool and fresh vibe. Backsplashes in glass tiles enhance sleek and modern kitchen styles.
  2. Mosaic is an art that is present in the home’s kitchen backsplash. Mosaic tiles are small pieces, usually around one or two inches, assembled to make a pattern. These pieces when put together are highly customizable. It comes in different shapes to have possible variations in the pattern. Aside from patterns, it depicts images, blend colors, and display the beauty of its surface. Surfaces can be plain, printed, mirrored, metallic, glossy, or stone matte finish. Mosaic tiles make monochromatic walls, multi-colored walls, and even mural walls for almost any kitchen design style.
  3. Basic ceramic tiles can be decorative if properly coordinated with the total look of the kitchen. It is because this type of tile has so many choices. Ceramic tiles are all those tiles made of clay with different variations on its top. It can either be plain or printed, glossy or matte, smooth or rough. Sizes also vary, but it is larger than the mosaic tile. Common characteristics among all ceramic tiles are that they are opaque, and not entirely flat. Kitchens treated with ceramic tiles, with solid color as its main feature, can go from traditional to contemporary styles.
  4. Initially used for practicality, subway tiles are now one of the preferences among decorative tiles for backsplash. These tiles were first used in the New York City subway stations but eventually got popular as a wall treatment for homes. Subway tiles are rectangular in shape, usually come in plain neutral colors, and have beveled edges. They are already classified as timeless and authentic. When used in home interiors its features offer a traditional feel. Subway accent tiles heighten both classic type kitchens and industrial type kitchens.

Renovation using a decorative tile backsplash is a great investment, increasing the worth of kitchens through visual impact. Regardless of the kind of tile selected, decorative tiles on the backsplash make the kitchen seem more expensive than it actually is. It is a visual cure to the boring cabinets and bland countertops. Kitchen redecoration may seem complicated but improving only the backsplash can already obtain value growth visually.


In modifying the kitchen, the safest and most effective way is to install decorative tiles onto the backsplash. There are several options of decorative tiles mentioned above, however, choosing what to use is the next thing to consider. Thorough planning is crucial before making a decision. It is important to study the kitchen’s theme in order to decide the best backsplash revamping idea.

Backsplash Revamping Ideas:

  1. For traditional style kitchens, it may achieve different looks depending on what decorative tile will be placed at the backsplash. Putting subway tiles creates a more informal and provincial feel. Opting to use mirrored mosaic tiles entails an elegant feminine impression. Ceramic tiles in matte stone finish also work particularly in the more formal styles.
  2. For modern kitchen styles, it may also have different end results depending on the choice of backsplash decorative tile. Subway tiles are effective treatments in portraying an industrial look. The use of glass tiles complements the stone finish and wood finish in minimalist interiors. Irregularly shaped mosaic tiles are also innovations for the modern kitchen.

Installation of decorative tile backsplash is a great investment and needs careful planning. Although reading some tips on decorating may help, it is highly recommended to consult a professional interior designer. Professional assistance can further escalate the value that the decorative tile backsplash can give to the kitchen and the home.