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From Quarry to Kitchen


Have you ever wondered where in the world does that granite in your kitchen countertop and island come from? Or what it is made of and how was it made? Finding out what mind-boggling forces were involved in creating that unique piece in your kitchen is a great way for its better appreciation. And here is how the story goes…

Extraction from the Quarry

Million years ago, rested within our Mother Earth’s mantle and crust are the magma that comes hundreds of feet below its surface. When the intermixing of the minerals and rocks from it cools down, the magma hardens and a formation of rocks with unique color combination and striation is the end product of this process.

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A Better Way to Enjoy the Outdoors



The backyard can be an asset of the home. This area is the transition from the exterior environment to the interior environment. It gives continuity to the over-all design of the house. If properly designed, it becomes a venue for relaxation and recreation. A better way to enjoy the outdoors is to landscape the backyard. 

Great Landscape: Utility and Beauty

A good landscape is characterized by both utility and beauty. A functional landscape is simulates comfortable and luxurious interiors. Examples include table set-ups, built-in bars, and lounge areas. It should blend with the indoor and outdoor arrangement.

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Decorative Tile Backsplash - A Great Investment


Redecorating the Kitchen by Improving the Backsplash

Beautifying the backsplash improves the over-all look of the kitchen. Redecorating the kitchen is a challenge since its function cannot be sacrificed. It is ideal to invest on the backsplash because its minor function will not alter the purpose of the entire kitchen and its eye-level position catches attention.

First, the backsplash is the safest element to modify. A typical kitchen is composed of cabinets, countertop, and backsplash. Among these components, the backsplash has the simplest function. It is basically easy-to-maintain tiles that cover the kitchen wall. It is a wall protection against possible stains that can be caused by water, food sauce, and smoke. Changing this does not directly affect the functionality of the kitchen.

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